Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Addition and First Fruit!

The New Addition: Aloe Vera!
I got an Aloe plant! This is the first time I am working with a succulent plant, but so far it is working well.

First Fruit!
First Tomatoe!
Finally a tomato that is ready to be picked, and it was YUMMY! Since then, I have had many more turn from green to red. I would say not bad for a first tomato plant.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Garden Update!

Just thought I would add an update with my garden. I now have 3 good sized peppers, one almost the size of a softball. I also have roughly a dozen or more tomatoes coming in. They are looking really healthy. I got several bowls of salads out of my lettuce, but next year I would have to add more soil. My chamomile has its first flowers starting in, so I might be picking them soon, and my basil is going nuts. I will have enough to last me for a while. Wish I could say more for my sage though. I might need to put in more soil in that too next year. Hope to have more pictures here in the coming weeks.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

This Summer's Garden!

This year I have started a garden. Hopefully this will cut down on the cost of food for me.

From front to back starting from the right.
1. Tomato Plant
2. Sage plants
3. Leaf Lettuace
4. Chamomile Plant #1
5. Basil Plant
6. Chamomile plant #2
7. Lavender Plant (The white bucket)
8. Chamomile plant #3 (the little pot)
9. Red Bell Pepper Plant (the very back on the right.)
10. Arugula Plant (ver back long bucket, that has since died.)

First Pepper Plant


It is a red bell pepper plant

The First Tomato Plant

Tomato Plant

This is a globe 100 plant

Hopefully I will be adding more to this site soon.